OutlineVoice of the president

Round-the-Clock Maintenance and nspection

Aiming to be an
"Evolving Comfortable
Environment Solutions Group"
through new challenges

presidentToshihiko Shiozaki

Since its founding in 1955, the Bunka Shutter Group has endeavored to provide products and services that are of use in daily life. As a composite building material manufacturer producing and selling various shutters, construction materials and residential building materials, we deliver products?developed from a consumer perspective and have created an after-sales maintenance network indispensable to building lasting relationships of trust with our customers based on two concepts:Llfe In and Llfe-long Partnerships.
Currently, the Group has formulated a new medium-term management plan with a view to the 5-year period up to 2020 and has embarked on a new challenge from fiscal 2016 to realize our basic theme of being an "Evolving Comfortable Environment Solutions Group." Looking at the Japanese market, demand for construction is expected to be strong for facilities related to the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, redevelopment projects and large logistics facilities, especially in metropolitan areas. Against this background, we will continue to expand our core business centered on shutters and doors. Meanwhile, by way of a change in the social environment, a new inspection and reporting system for fire prevention facilities came into force in 2016. Bolstered by this trend, we are pushing forward with our maintenance business, including repairs and renewals, in order that our Group products be used with even greater peace of mind and safety. Also, with respect to manufacturing and new business development under the keywords of "eco" and "disaster prevention," we will engage in the energy business as well as the waterproofing business that provides solutions for measures against flooding due to torrential downpour as key businesses that form a pillar for future corporate growth.
Overseas, we will promote our BX brand through continued business that regards Vietnam and the rest of Asia as domestic demand. We will also promote product development and consultation-based sales according to the climate and conditions of each region, thereby accelerating overseas business on the premise of contributing to the growth and development of the country.
Moving forward, the Group will seek to transform its business style beyond the framework of a building material manufacturer, aim to be an "Evolving Comfortable Environment Solutions Group," and strive to provide products and services needed by customers and society. We therefore appreciate your kind and ongoing support for our business.